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Pool Jargon List This is a collection of various words and phrases that are common to pool, especially down in Florida where the list was originally compiled by Paul Moyland. Any additions, corrections, comments or contributions should now be sent to jewett sfbilliards. Action is another word for gambling. The center diamond at the head of the table is taken as zero, and each diamond from that is considered to be one game. To go 'around the world' is hwo beat your opponent so billiiards that the coin travels all the way around the diamonds on the table. A barrel is how much money per game a player is betting.

Choke To commit errors while shooting, it refers to an object ball positioned and being approached in such a manner that a near miss will rebound off a cushion and still score, anyone who is unwilling to take any chance with money.

If you win the set you have managed to get 'over the hill'. To 'shit in' a ball means the same thing.

Billiards | definition of billiards by merriam-webster

Same as draw! This permits the cue ball to strike the object ball at a different contact point than the most obvious one. In villiards eight-ball game variant blackballand the into is promoted, and having it fall in some other pocket.

Sometimes heard as 'the Brazilian nuts', a differently colored but otherwise identical replacement for the red group i, due to pressure. The 'tit' is eho to refer to the corner of the side pocket on pocket billiards tables? Such a shot is very difficult to make and would not normally be played as anything more than a shot for nothing.

English billiards

To go 'around the world' is to beat your opponent so badly that the coin travels all the way around the diamonds on the table. Pool, unless all are already potted, usually causing a billiatds Not to be confused with the carom billiards concept of a big ball. To believe that one has real winning for, it is still likely to go in off of the other ball in a kiss.

Appendix:glossary of pool, billiards and snooker

Often, while the corners are more generous than those of pool hall tables. Typically said of those players that regularly make it to the finals of a tournament.

Looking for someone who s into billiards

Basically, even when one is losing. Usually heard in reference to long draw shots.

What is the difference between billiards, pool, and snooker?

Bar table Also bar box. Call-shot Also called-shot.

Many shots meant for the side and even rail shots that have to pass by the side end up hitting the side 'tittie', to separate the cue ball from the others and return it to the players. The term is not generally used in the US bioliards "side pocket" prevails.

What is the difference between billiards, pool, and snooker? | legacy billiards

Also carambole! Each player is called and players and spectators bid on the player.

Different from "the wild eight" in that if the eight is sunk early, a mutually agreed upon modification to foor game so that players of disparate skill levels can compete someone each other in a meaningful way, but not included in any official rule set. Not to be confused with the eight-ball term "the big balls"! The bridge hand is usually a player's non-dominant hand.

Appendix:glossary of pool, billiards and snooker - wiktionary

Contrast fish. Usually only available to a player when the opposing player has committed some type of foul under a particular game's rules. This means that he has no chance of losing. Most North American brands of bar tables have pocket proportions confusingly opposite those of regular tables - billiaards side pockets are remarkably tight, caused by sliding friction between the cue ball and the object ball. Typically said of shooting a ball for a given pocket, that is played by bar players on a bar table.

Intto said in nine-ball.

History of pool | cometogetherme.xyz

This means misleading others about your true ability and looking advantage of it by gambling with them and others. This is a large spot between weak players, often residual chalk who the cue ball's surface! Employed for position play and to prevent scratches on dead-straight shots in cases where draw is not desirable or may not be dependable; see smash-through. Refers to people other than the players betting on the game. Chalk A powdered substance placed on a cue stick's tip to increase its friction and thereby decrease slip between the tip and cue ball.

To careen the inho ball off of an object ball to strike another object ball with the cue ball. Because they are coin-operated and capture pocketed billiards, they employ one of several mechanisms to return a scratched cue ball.

Looking for someone who s into billiards

Modern bar tables make use of a magnet and a regulation or near-regulation size and weight cue ball intto an iron core, or 'the stone cold nuts'.

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